Wealth on Autopilot

I recently bought into an elite, invite only membership opportunity with oodles of perks. The best part is, by promoting others to do the same, I get my monthly dues covered. Plus, as an added bonus I can get a company luxury car and create wonderful life experiences at a substantial discount. I was amazed when the guy who did my roofing estimate invited me to the business meeting to find out about the opportunity to be a member. He made over $200K, with the founders of this company, from their previous multi-billion dollar business. So, in my mathematically calculating mind, I’m thinking…all I have to do is pay $398 one-time and $150 per month while convincing others to do the same and I become a millionaire?!?! Wow, that’s a no-brainer. I’m in. I’ve never seen such a great business model with a very low startup cost. This tops the time that I was introduced to Boost Mobile in 2001 before it became a great franchise for telecommunications.

I am building my team now, during pre-launch, so that I can have a fat comma check when the membership becomes available to individuals and not just promoters. Launch is on July 15th 2017. As you know, a number that has commas in it means big money. My goal is to keep this membership rocking and rolling until I see massive results like $32,000 in a monthstory.png. Being mentored by a multi-millionaire sure helps! I love the energy in the room and the endless possibilities that this membership brings to the table. If you are interested in more information, I encourage anyone to come to a business meeting or find out more online by clicking HERE. You can choose to pre-enroll now at the bottom left on the page and you will see more options.liv


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