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‘Make Your Money Work For You’

Take 10% of your income and begin to pay yourself through real estate investment deals. Stacey is the managing member of One Villa LLC, and she will show you how deals are made. For example, 10 investors can put $2232 into a deal that yields $10,031 per investor. You don’t want to miss the opportunity meeting. It’s online! Simply download teamviewer on your computer and/or login to the meeting with the following information:

On the second Saturday of the month, at 7pm EST

Meeting ID: m33-608-391
Password: moneyworks

Stacey Joseph
One Villa LLC, Managing member


I am my biggest fan. If I don’t believe in myself nobody else will. I also believe in those who haven’t reached their full potential because, where there is hope, there is a great inclination for change. The ten percent profit system works for those who work it.

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